And 10 days into 2018 and here we go yet again.

Posted by Paywall Watch on 10 Jan, 2018

It came to our attention today that a paper published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics is was incorrectly behind a paywall.

Corresponding author Rob Beynon tweeted:-

"OK Molecular and Cellular Proteomics I'm calling you out publicly. I just tried to access one of my own papers, for which we paid for GOLD OA, and it is paywalled. Poor show. I hope you will refund any poor sap who paid for access. Please fix this immediately".

"I also object to paying $60 per figure for colour printing in an ALL ELECTRONIC journal - go figure!"

This is poor show indeed. The APC for this journal is between $1,500 & $2,000:-

Author's Choice option: In addition to the standard publication charges, for the following additional publication fee — $1,500 for ASBMB members and $2,000 for nonmembers — the final version of your manuscript will be released immediately on the publisher’s website and PubMed Central and will be covered under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). If due to publisher error, there is a delay of longer than a month in fulfilling the immediate release requirements, the Author’s Choice fee will be refunded. Join ASBMB NOW!

We too hope that this matter is resolved promptly.


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This matter has since been resolved.

Fair do’s - have fixed it very quickly -an error of omission not commission.