This time, The Journal of the International Society of Microbial Ecology (part of Nature)

Posted by Paywall Watch on 25 Nov, 2017

It came to our attention a few days ago (again via Twitter) that a paper that should be Open Access is not.

This is the paper -

Nov 10

Hey -- it has been a week now that our article that was supposed to be Open Access remains closed. Can someone answer my emails?!?

Nov 10

So upsetting, especially when the authors took the time to make all the data publicly available (MAGs, short reads and raw assemblies!!!) in the article..... which is behind a paywall despite (unacceptable IMHO) extra fees to make it open access.

Did you pay an APC to make this paper ?

Nov 20

I did- they said it was their error and it will be resolved for the next issue, early December. I’ve been offered some money back, but I’m waiting to see outcomes first before deciding if it is sufficient!


The APC for this Journal is $3,600. Very poor service in our opinion and we hope the authors get a significant, if not full refund.